Word on the street is...

"It's always a treat to discover emerging talent, and when it's basted in horrific imagery, only dead/red things can happen.  Watch out for Dick Starr...and don't put me on his Celebrity Death Poll Wishlist or the Candyman will get you!"
-Tony Todd
Candyman, Hatchet 1&2, Final Destination 1,2,&3

"Dick Starr's work is a horror fan's wet dream. Sick, twisted and evil....Starr's art carries a nightmarish edge that will either have you giggling or running for your life."

-Brad Miska, Editor-in-Chief


"I love Dick's work, it's so cathartic!"
-Kyra Schon
Night of the Living Dead

"Dick Starr puts the zip in zombie and the cattle prod up the corpse's ass. His sick, brutally funny illustrations take you to the edge and then throw you over onto the poisoned spears below -- reminding me that it's time to take my meds."

-R.S. Rhine "The Grin Creeper"
Publisher /Deaditor-In-Chief
Girls and Corpses Magazine


"Dick Starr is blessed with a unique artistic talent... the piece he made of Mike Swick and I as Zombies playing Poker was original, entertaining and awesome."
Bruce Buffer, UFC ring announcer
"The official voice of the octagon"


"Dick Starr is a very talented artist! I was amazed by his work!"
-Mike "Quick" Swick
UFC Fighter

"Dick Starr has a very defining signature style, professional work ethic and is a very nice person to do business with. His art makes our product stand out among the rest, and we look forward to working with him on many more in the future."
Andre Corbin, Ghetto Skateboards

"Nice, all I need is another artist taking work away from me."
-Jeff Gaither
Rock n' Roll/Horror Illustrator

"Dick Starr is the emerging face of the macabre and dark humor. If you aren’t already drinking goat’s blood, you will be."
-Tony Matta, Editor-in-Chief
AK Comics


Welcom to Dick Starr's online dark art haven.

Dubbed "One of the 15 sickest artists in America" by Girls and Corpses Magazine, Dick Starr has embedded himself nicely into the horror community. Add to his bloody drawings a twisted sense of humor, and you'll understand why his early art got sent home by teachers on a regular basis. Since 2004, Dick's work has been featured in numerous galleries, horror/tattoo magazines, books, album covers, and comics around the world. In late 2006, Dick began picking off famous idiots with "The Celebrity Death Poll"...a rotating list of awful celebrities up for an artistic execution. In less than 1 year, The Celebrity Death Poll became a regular feature in almost every issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine since. Currently, Mr. Starr's resume boasts clients from UFC, Full Tilt Poker, and Suicide Girls, to the legendary producer/director Charles Band. If you aren't already familiar with Dick Starr's nightmarish creations...you will be. Consider yourself warned.

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Random info...

Dick Starr was born in Honolulu HI. on Halloween-ish 1978

Favorite movies include: Dead Alive, Shaun of the Dead, Evil Dead II...see "Fun Stuff" page for more.

Favorite music includes: Polkadot Cadaver, Hip-Hop, Cage, iii (Thr3), Halloween/Horror themed & industrial
Biggest influences: Tim Burton, Stephen King, George Romero, Jeff Gaither, Todd McFarlane, Shel Silverstein, my brothers

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